Are You Confused On Food Substitutions In A Plant-Based Diet?

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Diet

This is a dilemma that plagues both veterans and newbies, alike. With most of the intake of calories and foods, from plant sources, it can become quite arduous to be able to find likely substitutes without depreciating or ruining the flavor of a certain dish. People generally say that going vegan or a plant-based diet means bidding adieu to good tasting food. That is a misconception that needs to go!

There are plenty of substitutions that plant-based eaters will be able to use in order for them to enjoy healthy foods, without sacrificing all that much in the taste department. Read on…

  • Substitutes For Meat And Fish

There are many substitutes available today in the market for making vegan burgers, vegan deli meat, vegan nuggets and so much more. There is a vegan meat alternative for most of the items, and a simple glance through the local supermarket will yield plenty of results.

You can also try to grind and mash beans like chickpeas and black beans. These have the consistency of meat patties and make great value additions in burgers and hotdogs. Adding cooked bulgur will help add in the ground meat texture to your soups and tacos. Try out mushrooms, as they do well in absorbing flavor and add in a whole different sort of texture to the plant-based recipe altogether. Other substitutes that you can add in your plant-based diet include tempeh and tofu as well.

  • Substitutes For Butter And Fats

You can make use of veggie stock for when you are sautéing and frying. These can also be added to salad dressings, along with vinegar as a base for oil.

When you need to add in fats and oils in baking, make use of unsweetened applesauce or date paste. You may add in pureed pumpkin, and fruits like banana to change the flavor of the finished product.

  • Substitutes For Salt

You can use a variety of granulated spices such as that of parsley, garlic and onion, rather than using salt to a ‘tang’ to your meals. You may even add fresh onion, lemon juice, salsa and hot sauces as they are rich in iodine. There are several salt substitutes in the market that don’t exactly contain salt. Even low sodium soy and tamari sauces can be used to get an oriental flavor to your dishes.

In today’s age of plant-based eating, there are plenty of choices available to the consumer. All you need to do is to head down to your local supermarket and make the selection.