Batch Cooking: The Secret To Easy Plant-Based Eating

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Meal Prep
Plant-Based Meal Prep

Your busy lives may have backed you to a corner. Even for the courageous few who want to leave the endless cycle of unhealthy eating and ‘couch potato-philia’, would have found it difficult to find time to live healthy. For most, a long day at work means a quick visit to the local fast-food joint for some cheap and easy food; food that eats away at your years, while you are eating away at the food.

Eating healthy and adding a healthy dose of weight is the way to go. People are often able to dedicate time to work out and sweat it out, but these same people often fall short in the healthy eating department- How do you manage your food demands 3 times in a day? Where on earth will I find time to eat healthy when I am knee-deep in work and family. Most can’t balance their careers and family, and here you are adding in another burden of plant-based eating to the list.

Surprisingly there is a way in which you can eat healthy and have time to do all of the other amazing things you do with your free time. The answer is healthy meal prep!

Failing To Prep, Is Prepping For Failure

The same way how things in life fall into place when you have a plan, the same can be said for your dietary habits. Plant-based meal prep is the way to go! Preparing your plant-based meals will require planning on your end and time beforehand, but the results of time and money that you save in the long-run more than makeup for the losses!

By prepping a few key ingredients and recipes ahead of time, you can have yourself a feast with healthy plant-based foods, especially during the fast-paced weekdays. You may have the best intentions for the day, but most of us lose steam after a hectic day at work.

There is nothing better than opening the fridge and finding you a container of freshly cut veggies and fruits that you could snack on. Plus, you can also shorten the length of the grocery bill, if you only buy what you need and your wastages are at a minimum.

Sit down to plan out what you will be making for every single meal of the week. You can have a ready template of meals that you can move around if you feel too bored of having veggie plant-based burgers for dinners on Wednesday. Shift meals around so that you don’t feel like an extra on groundhog day!

Shop Ahead Of Time

Head down to the farmer’s market and get yourself organic fruits and plants, at a bargain of the price that you would otherwise spend at the supermarket. Plus you will also be helping the farmers in the process. After you have a list of the ingredients that you will use for the week, all you have to do is designate a day of the week for shopping- say Saturdays. You will only buy what you need and because of which the wastage will be lower.

Make sure to shop every week, and bring in fresh produce to cook. This way you are not cutting corners with quality.

Standby Foods

There are plenty of foods that you can make in bulk and use them for several meals. Vegetable broths are life-savers in this regard. You can use them for soups and curry as well. Be sure to toss in a boatload of veggies- carrots, leek, spinach…you name it!

Another great food you can make in plenty is curry. You can either have it alone, or you can drizzle it on some rice and get munching. Having a pot of curry on standby can be a lifesaver.

Make Every Second Count

Rather than looking aimlessly at the TV, take a chopping board and get on with cutting veggies and fruits. This is a good use of your time, and you will have freshly cut veggies and fruits ready to munch when you are having the cravings and to cook with.

Storage Essentials: The Lifesaver That A Refrigerator Is

Always keep the fruits separate from other products as they have a nasty habit of absorbing odors from other foods. Keep them sealed in an airtight container to maintain their freshness and longevity. Fruits such as mangoes, apricot and pears may be ripened beforehand and then be stored in the refrigerator.

Remember that the fridge is not a magical place that keeps your food fresh forever. Cooked food will last for about 4 days. The freezer is for heavy duty stuff- it can keep your foods good for up to 2-3 months. We don’t recommend keeping foods in there for 2-3 months, to be honest. If you are prepping your meal then you needn’t fill the freezer to the brim.