Why Thyme Can Be A Great Addition To Your Dishes

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Plant-Based Recipes

Thyme is a wonderful herb that is commonly used as a culinary staple. The wide range of benefits provided by this herb made it a common ingredient in a wide variety of recipes. It carries a lot of medicinal properties that can help prevent the chance of a large number of diseases. Additionally, this herb carries many beneficial plant compounds that your body needs. Therefore, you can get benefitted from including thyme in your plant-based recipes. The following are some of the impressive health benefits you can get by adding thyme to your healthy meal prep:

Can Lower Blood Pressure

There are more than 400 varieties of thyme available across the whole world. Some of these varieties carry many unique properties that can be beneficial for humans in different ways. A study suggests that an extract derived from thyme was able to reduce blood pressure and heart rate significantly. The cholesterol levels in rats also showed a reduction. You can choose to use thyme instead of salt in your plant-based recipes to regulate cholesterol levels and heart rate.

Can Control Cough

Derived from the leaves of the thyme plant, the thyme essential oil is a natural remedy for cough. In a study, it is found that the use of thyme along with ivy leaves helped to control coughing and various other symptoms associated with bronchitis. Hence, if you experience a sore throat or cough, try thyme tea to relieve these conditions naturally.

Boost Immunity

Thyme can provide a lot of nutrients that can be beneficial for maintaining your health. Two of the vitamins that are crucial for us humans, namely vitamin C, and vitamin A, are seen in abundance in thyme. These vitamins are also useful in boosting one’s immunity. Hence, if you are suffering from a cold, then the use of thyme can be beneficial for improving your condition. In addition to the vitamins mentioned above, thyme can provide many other nutrients like iron, copper, and manganese, etc.

Thyme Carries Disinfectant Properties

Thyme carries many fungicidal properties that make it a wonderful disinfectant. For example, it can be useful for controlling mold, which is a common but dangerous air pollutant that can be present in your home. Nonetheless, with the help of thyme essential oil and thymol, you can easily get rid of such allergens. They can control low concentrations of mold thereby keeping your home clean and safe.

Thyme can be a great help for improving your health in different ways. Therefore, this herb is a perfect addition to your routine.