Vegan Items That Every Fast Food Restaurant Should Carry

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Meat
Plant-Based Meat

Fast-food restaurant chains face competition and have pressure to succeed, just like all for-profit businesses. So, these businesses are supposed to carry certain plant-based food items in their menus, to be competitive. Some of these restaurants have the following options in it, but many do not.

Besides offering these items, your fast-food chain should also consider cooking every vegan product separately. The last thing you would want to face is a backlash from the local vegan community about your cooking method. Vegans are very demanding, so you should not make certain mistakes, like, for instance, cooking vegan and non-vegan products on the same grill.

Vegan Meat

Fast-food restaurants are expected to offer plant-based meat products to customers. Major market players have set clear examples for these hospitality businesses to follow. So, it is high time for them to produce vegan meat products or partner with meat substitute makers, to catch up with the competition.

Plant-Based Sauce

The inclusion of a plant-based sour cream or vegan queso in the menu may make your fast-food restaurant more popular among both vegetarian and vegan communities. Many fast-food joints offer vegan meat, but these lack vegan sauce in their menu. This is kind of bewildering because the sauce is one of the ideal companions to the meat product. You may collaborate with a plant-based cheese producer or create your own version of the product. Either way, you should have it in your restaurant menu to possibly be ahead of the competition.

Potato-Based Snacks

Potatoes are the carbohydrate-heavy and starchy vegetables that lay the foundation of many regular fast-food items. These are rather inexpensive and quite accessible, but many fast-food chain menus still lack products made with them. It is no wonder, then, some of those chain restaurants have got negative feedback from customers.

Some of your options in this regard are hash browns and French fries, but there are several other potato-based food items to consider. For instance, potato wedges will be another nice addition to your vegan menu.

A Vegan Burrito

This is a ‘must-have’ item, especially for a Mexican restaurant. This is because many customers judge each Mexican restaurant according to the size and quality of their burrito. So, consider offering a burrito loaded with beans, potatoes or rice, vegan meat, guacamole, salsa and maybe even plant-based cheese, to attract Mexican food lovers.