What Are The Health Benefits Of Hazelnuts?

Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal

Hazelnuts are becoming very popular among people because it is a great addition to many dishes. Hazelnut milk is also becoming one of the most popular plant-based milk available in the market. Including hazelnuts in your plant-based meal offers many health benefits because it is loaded with healthy nutrients like protein, dietary fiber, vitamin E, healthful fat, etc.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the health benefits offered by hazelnuts.

Prevents Cell Damage

It was found that hazelnuts contain many powerful antioxidants, the compounds that help in protecting our cells from oxidative stress and also reduce the cell damage caused by the free radical molecules. The amount of antioxidant vitamin E in hazelnut is very high, which makes it better in preventing many chronic diseases, including cancer.

Lowers Bodyweight

Recent studies are showing that taking hazelnuts regularly can help in reducing weight gain and aids weight loss. A study conducted in the year 2018 has found a link between increased hazelnut consumption and lower risk of obesity. It was found that the participants who ate high amounts of nuts were less likely to become obese than those who did not.

Promotes Healthy Bowel Movements

We have already discussed that hazelnuts are rich in dietary fiber, which can improve regular bowel movements and reduce the risk of constipation. According to health experts, men between the age of 31-50 should consume around 30.8 grams of fiber daily and women need to consume around 25.2 grams of dietary fiber daily. You will get around 2.7 grams of dietary fiber from a 28-gram serving of hazelnuts.

Promotes Heart Health

Studies have shown that eating hazelnuts regularly can help in improving your heart health and reduce the risk of developing heart disease. A study conducted in 2013 has shown that including more hazelnuts in your daily diet can improve cardiovascular risk biomarkers. This may help in lowering the risk of heart problems.

Lowers Cholesterol

According to a study conducted in 2013, a diet rich in hazelnuts can decrease the levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, which can increase the risk of heart problems. Hazelnuts can help in preventing weight gain, which means lower cholesterol levels.

Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Eating nuts, including hazelnuts, can help in improving insulin sensitivity. In a 2011 study, the participants were daily given a 30-gram nut mix that contains 7.5 g hazelnuts. After the study period, it was found that the insulin sensitivity improved in all the participants.